Highlights of Barcelona, Spain

Spain! I’ve been to nearly every country in Europe, but somehow never Spain. So as I rolled into the train station in Barcelona I realized I just arrived in my 70th country. And Barcelona will be a great introduction. I’ve heard so much about Barcelona that I know exactly what to expect and where to [...]

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Touring Rome in a Fiat 5oo

I take a lot of tours, especially in Europe, and each one is Unique. I’ve taken a private tour of the Vatican, graffiti tours in Portugal and Romania, and even holy tours in Israel. But maybe the most fun was my Fiat 500 tour of Rome. I recommend all the tours I’ve done, but this [...]

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tour of the Vatican

A Tour of the Vatican

From Liechtenstein I took the train all the way to Rome, with stops in Zurich and Milan. Italy is kind of a pain for the Eurail pass because they still charge you for reservations, which cost a lot. But after some searching I finally found slow trains that don’t require the reservation. I’ve never been [...]

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Things I Learned about Liechtenstein

After leaving Venice, my next destination was the tiny nation of Liechtenstein. But to get there by Eurail, first I had an incredibly beautiful train journey though Austria, Northern Italy and a small part of Switzerland. These routes have consistently been named some of the most scenic train journeys in Europe, and I can vouch [...]

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Venice, Italy in Photos

After arriving in Venice by Eurail from Ljubljana, I stepped out of the station to a beautiful view of the Grand Canal. It was amazing, with a big palace on the other side, where the water came up nearly to the door step. I knew it was going to be a maze and hard to [...]

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