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Italy as it Should Be: The Region of Puglia

If anyone ever tells you that Italy isn’t all that, you should know they’re plain and simply wrong. Italy IS all that and then some more. The movies, the magazines, the postcards – they don’t just portray a beautiful myth. The streets really are narrow with laundry drying out on tiny balconies, flowers hanging over [...]

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street art of Miami

Street Art of Miami, Florida

Street art in Miami is taken pretty serious by its artists. The Wynwood Art District is filled with street art every which way you turn. There is a section called the Wynwood Walls and Wywood Doors with commissioned art from local artists, but the surrounding blocks are lined with amazing art as well. You could [...]

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Britain’s Holidaymakers buy goods abroad to save cash

Is it really cheaper to shop abroad? It seems so as new research from online shopping voucher website found that 59% of holidaymakers buy goods abroad to save cash with 26% of them choosing destinations based on best shopping bargains. Research by an online shopping voucher website found that three fifths of holidaymakers choose to [...]

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Postcards: Gullfoss, a Beautiful Waterfall in Iceland

This postcard worthy photo of  Gullfoss, a waterfall in Iceland on the glacial river Hvita was taken by Margo McDonough, who writes about her travels on her cool blog. Do you have a great photo that would make a awesome postcard? send it over to [email protected] and see it featured here!

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What I Learned in Saudi Arabia

Many travel bloggers explore the world between popular backpacker spots such as Siem Riep and Thailand. Some go to less well known locations such as Latvia or North Korea. Yet what if you went to somewhere not on the target list? Somewhere that restricts entry to those of a certain religion or who have a [...]

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24 Interesting Facts about Bhutan

  Bhutan is a mysterious country that is all about peace, the environment, and happiness. Sounds pretty awesome right? Well here are.. 24 Interesting Facts about Bhutan   1. Bhutan is one of the most isolated and least developed nations in the world. 2. The capital city is Thimpu, and Dzongka is the official language. There [...]

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