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Ljubljana slovenia

5 Reasons to Visit Ljubljana, Slovenia

Before coming to Ljubljana, Slovenia I had done no research and knew nothing about the place. I had been to Maribor before during my last hitchhiking trip, but never Slovenia’s capital. I had no idea what to expect, I just knew it was somewhere I hadn’t been yet. All I knew is that it was somewhere [...]

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Italy as it Should Be: The Region of Puglia

If anyone ever tells you that Italy isn’t all that, you should know they’re plain and simply wrong. Italy IS all that and then some more. The movies, the magazines, the postcards – they don’t just portray a beautiful myth. The streets really are narrow with laundry drying out on tiny balconies, flowers hanging over [...]

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Hitchhiking the Balkans

My whole of 2013 was spent wandering Europe, and making some of my best memories, and friends of my life. One memory come to mind when I think of Europe, and that is my time hitchhiking the Balkans. This hitch in particular, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Romania. Hitchhiking the Balkans How it started out, was [...]

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street art of Miami

Street Art of Miami, Florida

Street art in Miami is taken pretty serious by its artists. The Wynwood Art District is filled with street art every which way you turn. There is a section called the Wynwood Walls and Wywood Doors with commissioned art from local artists, but the surrounding blocks are lined with amazing art as well. You could [...]

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