Touring Rome in a Fiat 5oo

I take a lot of tours, especially in Europe, and each one is Unique. I’ve taken a private tour of the Vatican, graffiti tours in Portugal and Romania, and even holy tours in Israel. But maybe the most fun was my Fiat 500 tour of Rome. I recommend all the tours I’ve done, but this [...]

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The True Nomads Travel Series Kickstarter Campaign

    Over the last couple years, all of my friends, family, fans, readers, subscribers and more have been so completely supportive and helpful, that it has really been a humbling experience. Me bringing the world and my journey to people has actually, in the end, resulted in my journey being a much more enriching [...]

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tour of the Vatican

A Tour of the Vatican

From Liechtenstein I took the train all the way to Rome, with stops in Zurich and Milan. Italy is kind of a pain for the Eurail pass because they still charge you for reservations, which cost a lot. But after some searching I finally found slow trains that don’t require the reservation. I’ve never been [...]

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Things I Learned about Liechtenstein

After leaving Venice, my next destination was the tiny nation of Liechtenstein. But to get there by Eurail, first I had an incredibly beautiful train journey though Austria, Northern Italy and a small part of Switzerland. These routes have consistently been named some of the most scenic train journeys in Europe, and I can vouch [...]

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Venice, Italy in Photos

After arriving in Venice by Eurail from Ljubljana, I stepped out of the station to a beautiful view of the Grand Canal. It was amazing, with a big palace on the other side, where the water came up nearly to the door step. I knew it was going to be a maze and hard to [...]

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