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Postcards: Gullfoss, a Beautiful Waterfall in Iceland

This postcard worthy photo of  Gullfoss, a waterfall in Iceland on the glacial river Hvita was taken by Margo McDonough, who writes about her travels on her cool blog. Do you have a great photo that would make a awesome postcard? send it over to [email protected] and see it featured here!

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What I Learned in Saudi Arabia

Many travel bloggers explore the world between popular backpacker spots such as Siem Riep and Thailand. Some go to less well known locations such as Latvia or North Korea. Yet what if you went to somewhere not on the target list? Somewhere that restricts entry to those of a certain religion or who have a [...]

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24 Interesting Facts about Bhutan

  Bhutan is a mysterious country that is all about peace, the environment, and happiness. Sounds pretty awesome right? Well here are.. 24 Interesting Facts about Bhutan   1. Bhutan is one of the most isolated and least developed nations in the world. 2. The capital city is Thimpu, and Dzongka is the official language. There [...]

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India’s Best Kept Secret: Havelock Island

Probably, you’ve never heard about it. No surprise: it is one of the most remote resort areas in India.  Actually, Havelock, a part of the Andaman and Nicobar islands, is much closer to Thailand than to India. During the British rule it was pretty abandoned and only after the liberation numerous Indian settlers headed for it [...]

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Street art of Belfast

The Street Art of Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast is a city with a colorful political history that has been split between the Loyalists and Nationalists. Although “the troubles” have mainly subsided, there are still many signs of the past strife throughout the city. The street art  is spread throughout the city and are combination of Nationalist, Loyalist and Cultural murals, and the [...]

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How to Eat in Macau on a Budget

Although Macau is considered as one of the most expensive travel destinations, you can still survive there with a tight budget. What is more, you can eat big on the cheap without missing any important traditional local dishes which are rich in flavor and extremely delicious. Macanese food can be as cheap or as expensive [...]

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Inspiring Traveler Interview: Francis Tapon

For this Inspiring Traveler interview, I got ahold of Francis Tapon, who runs a travel blog with the same name.Francis has done a lot of traveling, and accomplished some major goals. Here is what he had to say. -Tell us a little about yourself.  My mom is Chilean and my dad was French. They met [...]

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street art in Athens

Street Art of Athens, Greece

Street Art weekends. Every weekend I feature and post photo essays of street art around the world. The pictures are either mine or they are a guest post, but either way they are all great works of graffiti!    Street Art abounds in Athens – you don’t have to be Banksy to be appreciated. The [...]

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Photo Tour: Life in Dahab, Egypt

Dahab, Egypt is the perfect location for awesome diving, sandy beaches, and desert excursions. Lots of people head to near-by Sharm El Sheikh, but for a much less touristy and quieter place, check out Dahab. Here are some of the photos I’ve takes in the last few months. Also check out some of the diving [...]

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50 Signs That You Are a Real Backpacker

  I wrote this, not to try and convince you that you’re a backpacker, but so that real backpackers can read it and and have something to relate to, and have a good laugh. Odds are, if you ARE a backpacker, you can relate to some or all of these. Let us know! 1. You [...]

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11 Spectacular Fortresses In Serbia

Serbia, as with many other old European countries , boasts a rich historical heritage that involved numerous wars and struggles, and as you already know, mighty citadels were the main line of defense during medieval times. As such, Serbia is dotted with a plethora of extraordinary fortresses, many of which are visited and appreciated by [...]

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